A love affair with words

Oft I saunter
into the garden of words

My mind
a frisky butterfly


amidst the delicious blossoms

a dalliance
a romance

summoning with their divine dance


seducing my intellect

flirtatious tease

offering coyly
their sweet nectar

Ah,the elixir
for heart n soul

of a poetic mind..


Cancer is Healing Me — Claudia Ghetu WELLness

In June of this year, I found out I had stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Literally out of the blue my life changed overnight. Imagine one day you think you’re healthy, life is normal, and the next day someone tells you you have months left to live. Well that’s exactly what happened to me. But instead […]

via Cancer is Healing Me — Claudia Ghetu WELLness

Hollow hearts

Why do people gossip and judge others?

The truth is bitter and sad
but it’s something people won’t dare fathom
for they have their own cup of sufferings
and a deep abyss created by  a sense of lack
secretly they derive joy and satisfaction
that in misery they are not all alone
they aren’t the only ones carrying this sack
of emptiness and sorrow..
So in an attempt to judge others
they try to fill up their hearts that are hollow..