Your Poetry

‌I love the way you romance with words; the way you play with them….weave them beautifully into a gorgeous tapestry called poetry.
‌How  well you know the right use of delicious, luscious words.
The way you arrange them…string them together creating a heavenly harmony… that’s just simply breathtaking…
‌Your poetry picks up on its wings one’s spirit, carrying it to an ethereal realm… Stirring up ocean of emotions within one’s soul… Giving words to one’s feelings that was lying hidden  somewhere…unknown…

When I gaze into your eyes…

When I gaze into your eyes,  
eyes that define the skies:  
I fall deep,  
deep into your soul…  
Bending space n time,  
your eyes a wormhole :  
a portal to another dimension ;  
dimension, where reality n illusion are unknown…  
Gravity of your hypnotic eyes  
disintegrating me into nothingness ;  
nothingness, that has no beginning or end  
Losing in you I find myself  
A realisation of truth;  
the truth—You are Me n I am You  
An atom split into two…

Hollow hearts

Why do people gossip and judge others?

The truth is bitter and sad
but it’s something people won’t dare fathom
for they have their own cup of sufferings
and a deep abyss created by  a sense of lack
secretly they derive joy and satisfaction
that in misery they are not all alone
they aren’t the only ones carrying this sack
of emptiness and sorrow..
So in an attempt to judge others
they try to fill up their hearts that are hollow..